About us

Simply put, Duke Grant Sports Network (DGSN) is a public service for families.

Established, in the summer of 2012, Duke Grant helps keep families connected. Whether deployed, working late, or stuck in traffic, you can always tune into Duke Grant and watch your baby’s 50-yard touchdown pass. One of the best parts of Duke Grant is that it makes the kids feel like superstars, able to watch their tremendous sack or epic interception featured on the Duke Grant Sports Network aka the “ESPN of Youth Sports”.

The fact of the matter is that every parent wants to watch their little star shine; it’s just not always possible with the bevvy of challenges that we face daily. Duke Grant sports coverage addresses that problem head-on by recording the game and making it available to families for FREE on DukeGrant.com.

DGSN uses multiple cameras to record the game and then edits the footage, adding reverse angle replay, slow motion, stop action, and commentary. The video is then featured on the Duke Grant website and Duke Grant YouTube channel. Duke Grant also creates highlight videos such as top plays and player rankings, recognizing youth excellence. Who knows? Your baby might be the next Odell Beckham or Tom Brady.

Duke Grant’s freely available game footage has played a role in the growth of the featured players. Duke Grant videos are regularly viewed by schools and programs around the US, expanding access to opportunities.

Duke Grant’s mission is to help keep families connected while showcasing talent and creating a time capsule for youth sports moments.

You can count on the Duke to Keep you in the loop!

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